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For a custom delivery proposal, please provide the details of your yacht, delivery, time frame and any other important considerations.  We will prepare a proposal tailored to your yacht and program. Thank you.


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Yacht Delivery Services

Reliable Yacht Deliveries offers power and sail yacht deliveries around the world. We can provide fully crewed deliveries, owner supported deliveries, weather analysis and delivery routing, and onboard instruction.

Reliable Yacht Deliveries is pleased to offer four suites of services.

  1. Fully crewed deliveries of both power and sail yachts with licensed professionals
  2. Owner supported yacht deliveries when the owner is looking for professionals with extensive experience
  3. Weather analysis and yacht delivery routing
  4. Onboard yacht instruction

In all cases an RYD Proposal will include important Yacht Delivery Features  for the owner.


Fully Crewed Yacht Deliveries


Whether you are a yacht owner, a yacht broker, dealer, or builder, Reliable Yacht Deliveries will deliver your yacht to its destination efficiently, reliably and safely. 

  • Consult - discussion of your wishes and expectations of the yacht delivery
  • Preparation - systems check, safety, navigation and spare parts inventory
  • Planning - timing and route
  • Proposal and quotation
  • Yacht Delivery with professional licensed crew
  • Complete yacht cleaning and comprehensive post-delivery report 


Owner Supported Yacht Delivery


For an owner who wants to be onboard but who desires professionals with extensive experience, Reliable Yacht Services will supplement the crew with a licensed captain and crew.

This is extremely beneficial for an owner taking a delivery of a new yacht and who is looking to learn more about the onboard systems and handling capabilities. It also is an excellent opportunity to help educate and instruct the owner's regular crew on the intricacies of a new yacht.

The Owner Supported Yacht Delivery is a perfect opportunity to help learn how to get more out of your yacht and to increase your confidence and comfort level with it. 


  • Consult - discussion of your wishes and expectations on the yacht delivery
  • Preparation and training - systems check, safety, navigation and spare parts inventory
  • Planning and weather routing - timing and route
  • Proposal and quotation
  • Yacht delivery with supplementary professional licensed crew
  • Complete yacht cleaning and comprehensive post-delivery report 


Weather Analysis and Yacht Delivery Routing


Yacht owners often look for knowledgeable and experienced course planning, especially for deliveries in new areas. Reliable Yacht Deliveries will prepare a thorough weather and ocean current analysis, along with a suggested route to make your delivery efficient, timely and safe.

  • Consult - discussion of your yacht delivery plan and schedule
  • Weather analysis and forecasts; ocean current analysis
  • Proposal and quotation
  • Updated delivery routing with weather 'what-if' scenarios outlined in advance
  • Debrief and post-delivery report


Onboard Yacht Instruction


Yacht owners and crew often seek out professional help to help increase the level of comfort and confidence with their yacht, whether they are taking an existing yacht to new waters or have just taken delivery of a new build. In both cases, Reliable Yacht Deliveries will provide an experienced, licensed captain, and crew as necessary, to provide education and instruction onboard.





  • General handling, maneuvering and docking
  • Ship's systems - operations and maintenance
  • Navigation, piloting and radar
  • Sailing instruction and techniques; sail trim, reefing and sail handling
  • Anchoring and mooring
  • Weather analysis and prediction
  • Route planning
  • Safety procedures
  • Emergency procedures







Yacht Delivery Features:

  • Complete ship's systems check prior to departure
  • Route plan and estimated time en route
  • Tracking system to monitor progress during yacht delivery (no additional charge) 
  • Cleaning, gear stowage and yacht preparedness for offshore conditions
  • Supplemental safety equipment required for yacht delivery (stays with yacht after delivery; RYD supplies, free of charge, backup GPS, VHF radio and Sat Phone)
  • Necessary charts, light lists, almanacs and pilot books not already onboard for delivery (stays with yacht after delivery)
  • Spare parts as required (stays with yacht after delivery) 
  • Estimated fuel and dockage costs
  • Any necessary permits
  • Crew's wages
  • Provisioning costs for estimated passage time
  • Crew travel costs
  • Complete yacht cleaning post-delivery - our goal is to leave your boat in the best possible condition
  • Complete passage and yacht report, including vessel and system conditions, any recommended gear changes and passage log book


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